Fresno Antique Sales

Chesterfield's hosts some of the biggest antiques sales in Fresno! At our sales you can join other Fresno antiques lovers enjoying delicious food and taking advantage of great bargains - up to 50% off every item in our store!

Chesterfield's Insiders not only know in advance when each sale is going to happen, they also receive early access to our biggest sales. This allows you to take advantage of the incredible bargains before anyone else!

Fresno Antiques Sales

How do you receive this exclusive access? Becoming a Chesterfield's Insider is free and only takes seconds! Simply enter your info in the Chesterfield's Insiders form to the right and you're in! Before our biggest sales, you'll receive an announcement and a ticket giving you early access to the sale. If you have friends who love antiques as well, be sure to let them know!

In addition to exclusive pre-sale access, Chesterfield's Insiders receive these other great benefits:

  • Staying in the loop on news, sales, and other events
  • Receiving special Insider-only deals and discounts that no one else knows about
  • Being the first to hear when a special new piece arrives - the kind that won't be around for long!

Join Chesterfield's Insiders (just enter your info to the right), let your friends know, and we'll see you soon! Remember: Our antiques sales are open to everyone, but only Chesterfield's Insiders get to come to the pre-sale and have the first pick of everything in the store.

What are you waiting for? Become a Chesterfield's Insider right now!

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